IMHO, when politicians tell bald-faced lies on camera, there should be a flashing red caption that reads HYPOCRITE! HYPOCRITE!

It should stay there until the end of that broadcast/interview.

In the interests of cull disclosure, of course.

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The Spirit of the Rebel - part 3 - Contemplating Humanity

Word to me so, then, the rebel will always be averse to systems or power and, in so dug, systems of hate, which almost always are the purview of those who fear the thought of being weak. Or, more accurately, fear becoming one or ‘them’.their greatest fears are twofold; First, they fear others becoming nor powerful than them and showing them to he the coward they are. Second, they fear equality, because rgwr exposes the tricks and tools they use, and bares it plain that their rule is unnecessary. As such, rhevpowerful fear everyone, and build up as many walls as proves reasonable between them and anyone else.

Rebellion, and the spirit of the rebel, are of course, no such thing. They do not fear reprisals. They are not fearful. They are incautious and are bit quick to violence. where the rebel’s opponent wuoo appeal to the heart or to he mind, rarely both, the Rebel uses both in concert to prevent unnecessary hurt to others.

This is not to say rebels do not get scared, of course,for we’re all human - but the fear of most rebels is that we will not see our potential, that we will allow ourselves as species oncosumed by our greed and hatreds.

May it always be so, and the rebel prevail.

TRIGGER WARNING for the link. If I had a choice between being a virgin for my entire life, and becoming like these douchebags, frankly, I choose being a virgin. Fucking dickwads.

Makes a mental note that if I’m getting slurred by these folks you’re probably doing it right. To women out there: I am so, so, sorry men have to  be such dicks. I’m not even going to give the ‘not all men’ routine, because I sadly suspect it counts for MOST men, and that is something I am fucking ASHAMED of for our species. Amazing brain capacity, and we do THIS to women? Really? FUCK GUYS. GROW THE FUCK UP AND STOP BEING FUCKING DICKS!

Condolences to the family and friends who have to deal with that shit. You have my sympathy and best wishes.


Trigger warming: extreme violence against women, discussion of murder, suicide, online bullying

As a sexologist, I’ve been writing and educating about sexual double standards for years; the age-old damned if you do, damned if you don’t predicament women face about their sexuality. If you have…

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The Spirit of the Rebel Part 2 - The Civilisation of the Possible, The Civilisation of the Four Walls

The Rebel, of course, is in many ways a dreamer. They look at the world, the world, this wretched wreck we’re construction on its surface - The Civilsation of Four Walls:
- State
- Capital
- Religion
- And most importantly, fear.

Itis these four wals that restrain humanity, and keep it clinging to falsehoods and delusions. I should note that by religion I do not refer merely to those established faiths and creeds. Nationalism is in itself a form a relgion, for it reifies a thief and treats him like a king. This is not to say all fo the actions of the State are necessarily evil. Welfare systems, for example, have served as a useful bulwark against the ongoing march of capital, and for that bulwark, I and many others are thankful.

Ultimately, however, all these four walls constrain what is possible. They are, to the rebel, the cage into which State attempts to ensnare us. Those who live in the Civilisation of the four walls… unless they rebel, tend to believe in lies, are usually mislead and deceived, and above all, are oft given to hatred.

The Rebel I speak of understands this, and proposes a better way; the Civilsation of the Possible - a world in which the only limitation to what can be done is the physical ability to do it, and, of course, reasonable human restraint (such as not killing your neighbour). But what IS the civilsation of the possible? Welll, in truth it’s hard to say, because it’s difficult to say what can be done, ultimately. We are still learning about the universe we live in, about the boundaries of the possible. We probably will be doing so forever. Right now, as far as we know, a limitation on the possible is faster than light travel. Something telss me though that eventually, humankind will find a way to do that, at least effectively.

In the Civilisation of the Possible, work is an *option*, not a thing necessary for survival. Right now you’ll probably be screaming at me ’ that is impossible! people will always have to work!’ Probably a select few, yes, but there will, I think always be people wanting to work to keep themselves busy. As crazy as it sounds, some poeple like being busy.

The fact is, the modern world does not require as many workers. That’s reality. And, if we weren’t living in the Civilisation of the Four Walls, that wouldn’t be a problem. As time has progresed, those four walls encroach on us, come closer to us. The rebel seeks desruction of these walls, because of the world they rule out. The Rebel always keeps in their mind even as they are jailed, even as they are oppressed, even as they are, eventually, killed, that the Civilisation of the Four Walls is unjust. It favours those with power over those who have none.

A rebel, always, will decide that this cannot stand, and take actions to push back against this injustice.

In my mind, I dream always of the world of the Possible. I would love nothing more than to be able to simply spend my life learning, encouraging others, helping them to undersand the other’s plight. But I would not go so far as to give myself the distinction of being a rebel. That honour - and it *is* an honour - lies at the feet of others who also will deny it.

In this work, I wish to honour those who have rebelled and fought against repressive regimes of the Four Walls. Solidarity, and may your aims be achieved. May the Civilisation of the Possible become reality.

So the Tele covered the March in May yesterday..

So, apparently the Daily Telegraph couldn’t resist having a slag at the attendees of the march on Sunday.

You may also have noticed the way in which it totally misrepresented the protest’s tone. Instead of focusing on the peaceful march and rally, they focused instead on a very, very small group who diverged from the main body of protestors (which leads me to suspect agent provocateurs, though I have no evidence to back this up - it’s pure speculation on my part, so don’t quote me on that).

They used this to conflate the whole group as ‘ferals’. One might also note their picture selection on the online article; They definitely curated the pictures to tell the same story - that we were all a bunch of ferals (though they never use the word itself in the article, only on the front page.

It’s not as if it’s hard to not be as terrible as the Telegraph usually is. See this article, for example. Granted, it’s just a metastory of how the march was covered by the local mainstream media, but it still manages to be fairer than the DT article. They nicely reproduce the front page, and the observant will notice that even the protest wasn’t enough for them - apparently it’s necessary to wage war on public housing as well. After all, gotta support your developer mates who are salivating over all that land!

While this is not at all surprising - the Telegraph has proven itself in the past year to have essentially no remaining journalistic integrity (and sadly, the Herald isn’t much better).

It’s a nice change that these things are however actually getting covered though.

Before you ask, I bought the paper, yes. I do so periodically in order to get a read on the tone they’re using (it is difficult to combat propaganda effectively without reading it at least sometimes I’d rather do that for this purpose, as online articles have a nasty habit of either disappearing or being moved from time to time. Call it an insurance policy).

Note that I do not, in any capacity, speak for the organisers of these protests (as much as I wish them every success) in any official capacity, but I believe I am probably with them in expressing that your contempt of the populace has been noted.

Writers of the Daily Telegraph: With regard to your charge of protestors being ferals - If standing up for one’s democratic rights, if standing up in defense of the disadvantaged and poor, if standing up for the average person,  that ALL might have a fair go and shot at life, then with all due respect, writers of the Daily Telegraph, I will proudly wear the label. I am not ashamed in any way to say that I stand in opposition to the abrogation of fairness that this budget represents. That’s right: I said it. I’d sooner be identified with those that got arrested than your snivelling sycophancy to the Liveral/National Coalition on behalf of the owner of your paper. Murdoch, I have little but contempt for you and the shit you pull.


I’m really happy with how these came out, especially that first shot. Also, mainstream media: if you use these, and don’t have the decency to ask credit… I swear to god… Activist organisations have my blessing, just ask me to and I’ll pop them up on imgur for you.

I’m really proud of that first shot. Also, that ugly mug in the last one, yeah, that’s my selfie. Firgured what the hell.

Aww nuts, posted it to the wrong blog. Oh well, maybe a few more folks will see it that way. *shrugs*.

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March in May - Solidarity from Sydney!

So, I took part in my first ever protest today. Given that, I didn’t know quite what to expect when turning up at Belmore Park in Sydney. I’ve been teetering on the edge of becoming politicially active for a while, but after that budget dropped, I felt, as someone who generally has the time to attend these things, something of a responsibility to get to one of them (which I probably shouldn’t, because unlike most, i usually have the legitimate excuse of “I can’t get there” because these things on a Sunday. When mum mentioned her standing offer to give me a lift if I wanted to head out on weekends, I leaped on the chance.

I was a little worried at first when I turned up. I was earliy, and there weren’t many there (apparently, Sydneysiders are slowpokes). There was definitely a buzz in the air. It took a while for the crowd to get going at the rally beforehand, but once it did, there was no doubt it was a fair size crowd. I don’t exactly know how many showed up - but it has to be at least as many as the last one. The facebook page shows that 10,000 were definitely attending, a few thousand maybes. A 71,000+ invites were sent out, which is pretty good going though.

I’m not the best at catching what people said at the rally, but one thing I did notice was how diverse the crowd was - old people, young people, some children (not as many as I would have expected, but they were there. Though I was surprised how many dogs were floating around. Oh my goodness. they were everywhere (and, I should note, very calm about the whole ordeal. I think one dog started yapping at some point, but overall, given the number i saw about… The yellow labrador right next to me most of the time at the rally seemed fairly content, in particular.

Just as the people were diverse, so were the causes championed (all linked together by “get Tony out!” basically. I was glad to hear a strong emphasis on some of the budget’s (and previous bullshit actions by this and previous governments) from the First Peoples (First Nations? One of those was what they were using to refer to (forgive me, I’m using the term, even though I much prefer First Peoples/Nations for the sake of clarity) aboriginal people. I was heartened to hear a lot of support for them in the crowd as well.

One thing I was glad to see as well was there was a lot of stressing the idea of linking together. It was also good to see Labor not being given a free pass (the Labor party lady not far from me didn’t seem too happy about that.).

It seemed packed in the park, but it wasn’t until we spilled down (there’s a slope you have to be careful not to slip down!) into Eddy Avenue,with Killing in the name blaring on the motorised music cart as I descended - nice choice - that I got my first idea of the scale of what I was taking part in.

I think the most important part of the experience was the actual march itself. There definitely seemed to be a fair few of us, and there was definitely (for mine, anyway, that may be bias from the fact it being my first experience with activism and I no doubt want it to be a positive memory) at least to my instinct, a definite buzz on the streets. More than a few motorists honking with what I assume to be support (at least one almost certainly was, honking in time with a chant that was going on. At the very least, they were taking notice in the other lane (Broadway is a bit too important of a traffic thoroughfare to block completely, unfortunately).

It wasn’t a long walk, but I’d been out all day, and by the time I reached Victoria Park, my feet were rather sore. Still, on the whole, I enjoyed the experience and plan to attend the next one if I can.

One thing I do wish I’d done is talked to more people. I was perhaps a little insular - possibly a fault of keeping to myself for so long - though I did have a couple of short chats with a few people. The fact I don’t really know anybody that I saw (I went alone) probably didn’t help.

I really should try to do a placard next time. I’m sure I could come up with something witty.

Nice to see folks from Black Rose out handing out fliers to passers-by. I’ll probably be ducking in there at some point in the future. Solidarity. If I’d had time to stop and chat, I likely would have. (I had time pressures with the transport, so I pretty much had to turn back as soon as I finished the march, though I did make a point to sign the petition.

By the way, on the offchance anyone in southwest Sydney  who was there and is involved with some kind of lefty activism in the Glenfield-Liverpool-Cabra-Fairfield-Bankstown sort of area… I’d love to hear from you and link up. The city’s a bit far for me to hike for regular protests, but I’d love to link up with any local-ish groups that might exist. Especially if you need folks to help out with writing stuff. This post isn’t my best work, but on a good day. And to anyone in the movement to stop Abbott who sees this blog - I’m a songwriter, I have lyrics posted here, and They’re free to use as long as credit is given, and you’re not promoting some insane hyper-capitalist bullshit. Acknowledgment is sufficient. I’m also open to suggestions to clean up the wording (I’ve actually toyed with the idea of releasing them under a license that permits modification.

Just putting that out there.

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I find these striking.

why are women’s bodies so sexualized that they can’t even FEED A CHILD

breastfeeding is so unnecessarily stigmatized. imagine that with twins.

it’s one thing if an individual is more comfortable in private like that but it should never be expected for bf mom’s to go hide when a baby needs to eat which is only all the damn time

What really gets my goat is that these are taken in a bathroom. Why the HECK should women have to hide something that’s so natural like that? (Not condemning the campaign here- although I can’t read the small text, what I can read leads me to assume this is precisely the point of the poster and the campaign, and i have commend them for daring to go there.

I mean, seriously now, that was the first thing I noticed about these - that they’re taken in a bathroom stall. Not condemning women at all for doing this (given some of the creeps about I can understand why they would do it), but if women are going to the bathroom to breastfeed, something is *wrong* with society. Not that i didn’t know that already, but good heavens.

Also, if I see *ONE* MRA douchebag creep into here, I swear to god…

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What someone in my school put in the hallway. The staff took them all down.


Hell, put it on the doorway to every gym (changing ‘girls’ to ‘women’, of course.Put it in the male’s toilets in every mall. in every bar.



What someone in my school put in the hallway. The staff took them all down.


Hell, put it on the doorway to every gym (changing ‘girls’ to ‘women’, of course.Put it in the male’s toilets in every mall. in every bar.

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For the Wages of Capitalism… (lyrics)

First they came for the immigrants,
Who they hated on the other side of the fence,
Then the came for the homeless and poor,
I mean, who cares about them anymore?

'Cos it's a war of attrition,
The one with the most money wins
Yeah, it’s a war of attrition and the ones who need help most don’t stand a chance

Then the came after the working poor,
Who they hated, and had to settle scores,
Then of course it’s welfare
'Cause who said life was fair

If you wanna get paid then you’ll bow to our corporate master

In this war of attrition,
It’s pure capitalism
And the fat cats win
Yeah, it’s a war of attrition and the ones who need help most don’t stand a chance

Now they’re coming after our healthcare,
Because everything must be sacriced
On the altar of Rinehart, Murdoch and BHP
Don’t you know that when it comes down to it, If you don’t have a seven figure salary,
Then it’s off to the workhouse and you’ve no-one to blame but yourself!

Because you didn’try
(You ain’t rich enough)
And you didn’t lie
(Not rich enough)
And you didn’t steal
(still not rich enough, still not rich enough)
Oh by the way we’re shoving preachers in your schools.

Cause we’re the party, of the rich and the ignorant,
And we stress the ignorance,
And if you’re on the other side, well we just can’t deny that
We’d rather see you burn
You’re gonna burn
(We’ll make sure of it)
And you’ll fall under the combined strain of the Abbott Axe.
Well don’t you know, the facts,
Are mere fabrications and Labor Lies.

And you know they say reality has a left-wing bias,
Well to hell with reality,
We’d rather lies, and delusions,
And collusion,
With the rich against the poor
And if you don’t like it then we’ll find a way to make sure that you pay.

'Cos it's a war of attrition,
The one with the most money wins
Yeah, it’s a war of attrition and the ones who need help most don’t stand a chance
Yeah, it’s a war of attrition and the ones who need help most don’t stand a chance