Seriously though, I hate those anti-Kindle hipsters

Because they’re the same kind of people who will buy every Apple product and every “indie rock” record that comes out

What you’re saying is “I’ve never met an actual information lover who used the internet”

And 200 years ago you would have thought public libraries were absurd

I still prefer physical books, but these e-books definitely have their uses. I’m not a hater, I just want to make sure we don’t do something stupid again as a species and put all of our eggs into the technological basket. Because if we do that, and then we lose the ability to power all these devices (such as running out of oil and being unable to transport the raw resources that power our cities and chargers, well fuck. That’s a shitload of information that could be used to rebuild society gone.

Physical books are prone to fire and censors of course, but so are these datacentres and electronic books (in fact, they’re probably more prone to censors in some ways, less in others), and the systems of libraries we’ve invented act as an effective distributed backup facility.

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