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Because you’ve gotta intimidate the people somehow. the police station moved a few doors down. This is actually a court of law.

Because you’ve gotta intimidate the people somehow. the police station moved a few doors down. This is actually a court of law.

On the degradation of unemployment

So, I’ve been unemployed for a long time now…

It’s not that I hate doing work. I like doing stuff that makes me feel fulfilled and that benefits others. I love to read. I love to learn. I do some stuff refurbishing and repairing PCs. Yes, it’s with a religious charity (and I do somewhat detest religion), but this group actually seem to care, viewing it as more than just their religious duty, but also as simply a good thing that needs doing, so they do it. I am quite happy to work with such people; we may disagree bitterly on matters of religion, and almost certainly on politics (I’ve never really asked, but I’m quite certain none of them are fascists, at least), but for the greater good, I’ll quite happily set such things aside in the here and now.

We do charge for the work we do (power bills don’t pay themselves, sadly), but it’s often waived for hard luck cases, and there’s pretty much an “ask and you can have it” policy with regard to things like keyboards and stuff (which is how I got the keyboard I’m typing with). You can see the effort they put in. The person who’s effectively in charge of the place works tirelessly.

But, you know, the constant job hunt takes its toll. I suppose it’s a reflection of the modern world when in order to get work, you basically have to sell yourself.

I hate selling myself. I’m not a product! I’m not for sale! Maybe for now I might do labour in exchange for that terrible stuff we call money because I wish to survive, but I am not yours to be dictated to in thought, and I won’t do more than I have to. Ever as I work away, I would quietly resent you profiting from my effort.

I hate money! I hate that so many of our interactions are arbitrated through the exchange of note and coin! It cheapens us, and sells us short of our true value, the social value we have that is more than any note or coin can express.

More, I hate the modern world. It has become the very opposite of what it promised: full of greed and profit taking for the rich where it promised equality; exploitative where it promised fairness; destructive where it promised to improve the world.

It is also ultimately part of the root of sexism, racism, and general bigotry. When society pushes you to compete against your fellow-person, with it being either your or your comrade, it’s quite natural that you seek out ready labels and easy things which you can use to socially reduce your competitor’s standing in the race for that elusive job/status/social credit/etc. that you so crave because the system has taught you to crave it and the products that said system is trying to sell you.

Yes, the world we have been sold by our politicians, by our religious leaders, by our bureaucrats and by our capitalist class (aka business leaders, CEOs etc.) is a lie. It never existed. Using the means it has, it never *could* exist, because its very basis was fraud from the beginning; it is only now we are beginning to see that what we were actually being sold was a road back to our own servanthood.

Note I do not include scientists here; most of the chemicals and such that have had detrimental effect have been designed and produced at the behest of these charlatans and liars. Science is merely a blind tool, one that requires people to wield it.

Yes, I’m angry. I’m angry for two reasons: one because we have been mislead by these crooks and liars, two that we have been so eager to hand them the keys, and so willing to destroy our own emergency copies in the vain hope for some scraps, which of course will not be forthcoming.

Yes, I am an anarchist. I’m not ashamed of that fact, either. And I am more than willing to bite the hand that currently feeds me as well, because ultimately, that hand - government - must surely pass into the annals of history if humankind is to progress, along with the shackles of capital and money.

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A World Aflame

A little bit of writing I felt like doing. It’ll probably end up as part of a larger story, but I wanted to share this anyway for anyone that might happen to be interested. “I” in this story am somebody not entirely unlike myself.

I’m still not sure about the background of the other fellow, he’s fictional. It stands as a one-off for now, but I really want to continue with this story, I feel like there’s a tale I can tell - I just need to work out what it is. Perhaps it would centre around that book…

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I’ve reworked and tightened up Banners and Flags. I cut out a few stanzas, moved things around. I can’t request any feedback there (I’m too poor for pro), but would appreciate any that can be given here.

Not sure what I’m going to do with this text

A little something I wrote today:

As I sit here flanked by capitalism’s skyscrapers on one side, and the towers of the church on the other, I begin to ponder… What will become of this society? Is capital to consume and destroy the world (and by extension, ourselves)?

Will we, as capitalism fails, turn in desperation to religion to save us, desperate for comfort in an era of decline, seeking always a master, afraid to acknowledge our wrongs and work on a solution?

I stand in a dying world, one rapidly embracing ignorance, and at once my soul weeps. I do not cry - I’ve never been one to physically cry except when experiencing physical harm to my person.

 I mourn a world gripped by fear, swift-boated by propaganda and long betrayed by its leaders.

A flag flies nearby, subversively calling me to love my country. How can I? It associates itself gladly with a bully such as the US, while at the same time appeasing China - heir apparent in world affairs - while that nation oppresses its people with vigour.

How can I, when its national leader, representing a party that purports to represent the people and its workers in particular, betrays those very people with its trade deals and other policies?

Of course, the opposing side is openly a party of the capitalist class, in a time when capitalists have reaped massively at the expense of the people (not that Labor isn’t as well, it just attempts to hide this fact - poorly).

No, I do not love my country. I do not love any country. I despise leaders, and pity those who are their followers, who willingly subject their otherwise capable minds to those who would lead them into subservience.

This madness must end. We are putting the foot to the floor while rapidly approaching a brick wall, and it is destroying our world. We are more intelligent than this. We are better than this.

All of us.

I know, I know

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Just saw a user with the name CapitalismIsLiberty on Youtube.

Sounds an awful lot like SlaveryIsFreedom to me.

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This song started out as a much shorter piece. It kept growing and growing…

I still only consider this the second draft, however. I’m not 100% sure the time is yet ready to take a stand, but the time is closer I think than many expect, especially here in Australia. So in a sense the urgency I feel in this song is partly an urgency to strengthen the anarchists internationally.

We cannot hope to overcome a broken and, frankly, evil system without numbers. Our time runs short for being able to reach a post-scarcity society, and that is why I think there should be urgency.

We are quickly approaching the point of no return with our raping and pillaging of the world, and the only way I think we can hope to pull ourselves back in time is to dismantle the status quo and set ourselves in a new direction.

Provided in solidarity. You may modify and spread these lyrics, text and content freely for any causes that are not capitalist, not statist, and not religious, or in any way oppressive, so long as source is acknowledged. I don’t care about money. I want to see a better world. 



Can you see all the world,
All our hopes, inspirations?
Falling to the ground now,
Blood spilled by corporations

So it will be…
'Til we see an end to pure capitalism

So your heart’s been bled dry
And your hope rent asunder
Your compassion filed away
In the blind pursuit of profit

There’s no room for compassion in a world
Sold out on sales, no hope or love
Fooled yet again…

So it will be, ‘til things change
'Til we stay our very ground,
'Till we see an end to pure capitalism


We need a change in key,
In the very way we do the world.
In our very way of thinking.

We all feel discouraged, but this should not be a sign of anything but the urgency of our cause. The ballot box will produce for us no solution.

Our politicians whore themselves to the highest bidder, and many of those who don’t have questionable motives besides. And those who are bought neglect consequence. So that road is a dead end.

Yes, I believe we are better served in cutting down the current system and seizing control ourselves. Free of capital, and free of the state. If we let someone else drive the revolution, the cycle will repeat.

It should end here.

= PART III - Instrumental - The Fall of Capitalism =

[Solo and exposition]


Recall the fire in your eyes
That you had as a child
The voice that said,
Declare everyone each other’s equal

Til things do change,
Money runs to the highest bidder
So we should tear down
This pure capitalism


.. But we should not tear it down only to rebuild the system and re-enslave ourselves. It’s time we took our right and responsibility to be in charge. We shouldn’t run from it - it’s part of what makes us human! But we want to stand together and not apart, we must understand that we have to live in the context of other human beings. And so the cycle repeats, until we work together and decide we want to achieve a better world. We don’t need money.

If we work, we can achieve a world where resources aren’t a problem, where scarcity doesn’t exist. There’s so much waste in the modern world, it’s terrifying. We don’t need property! We just need each other and a willingness to collaborate and cooperate. That is all we need.

So it will be
Until we stand against the machine
It’s time to stand
Against pure capitalism. 


And on these two rocks we must stand… Of reason, and of solidarity with our comrades, our fellow human beings. And then move forward to unity and freedom, with open minds, and hearts set free of the mental chains that have for the past decades chained us to the awful machine that so ravages our world.  We only have one life. One, that’s it.

I let go of religion because it dulled my intellect, and so it left me wanting.

From that I let go of bigotry, because such could not be supported without the religious framework. The logic simply did not follow for me.

And so I went out to seek understanding of the world, and I learned much.

Most importantly, however, I learned that the thing I love most is the freedom of others (and, by extension, myself) from the dictates of others. At first, this did not shake my fundamental understanding, or tacit support (though I certainly had misgivings) of the way the world is currently ordered. But ultimately, just as with religion, with time, the levee broke.

How can I stand here, while millions suffer, while millions starve, while the rich are made richer and the poor ground into the dust, and say nothing? How can I stand silent while governments the world over oppress their citizens the world over, in the name of “security” and profit?

I cannot, and yet I feel powerless against the machine. Insignificant.
To stand by and say nothing would be to deny that part which makes me human, and so here I must stand.

The time for division has come and gone. We must as a people, as the people of the world, rise up and defend ourselves from powers, from corporations, from the very things which have kept us down. And we must do it soon, or our consumption, coerced through this system, will lead us to destroy our own livelihoods, our own freedom.

And for that, I most definitely canNOT stand.


I do not have the ability to get around easily (I cannot drive due to sight issues), and as such am limited in where I can go, but I have a willing mind, a voice that wishes to be heard.

I want to become active. I promised myself I would take a hand in changing this world for the better. Suffering is not a problem; I don’t take it well right now, but that I can learn.

I do not wish to go back, but I need help to go forward from here. I cannot do it alone. I do not wish to lead - that would be hypocritical, but I wish to be a voice in the conversation.

Dollar $ign

This is a lyrical version of a poem included in a post I made on this blog a while back, although the title of the song is identical to that of the poem (I have posted the poem over on r/Anarchism for the curious).


The dollar sign,
Altar on which all things are sacrificed
Compassion, dignity, conscience

“Human Resources”.
Never have two words,
So innocuous apart,
To my ears, entailed such awful tragedy in combination.

The same mindset that produces profit
Produces also war!
And mankind divides again,
Injecting in its veins the hatred of others.

The dollar sign;
Altar on which all things are sacrificed
Compassion, dignity, conscience
And our motherfucking rights

All the holy texts
Written in the blood of men
Speak still to the fools and fool martyrs who vainly die and died in their name.

They ignore reality while they worship,
Fatally stunting their minds
While their masters quietly prepare the slaughterhouse of ideas.

The same mindset that produces profit
Produces also war
And mankind divides again
Injecting its hate and intolerance

The dollar sign;
Altar on which all things are sacrificed
Compassion, dignity, conscience
And everything that we hold dear

Waylaid by the act of neglecting consideration
The whole world becomes numb;
It no longer feels, lacking compassion
Salesman of its own destruction.

The same mindset that produces profit
Produces also war

The dollar sign;
Altar on which all things are sacrificed
Compassion, dignity, conscience
And everything that we hold dear

And mankind divides again
Slaughtering its minds

On the altar of the dollar sign (Compassion, dignity, conscience)
On the altar of the dollar sign (And all that we hold dear)
On the altar of the dollar sign (The same mindset that produces profit, produces also war)
On the altar of the dollar sign
On the altar of the dollar sign